Real Hair Transplant Patients
With Real Hair Transplant Results

Real Hair Transplant Patients With Real Hair Transplant Results

Our COVA Hair transplant before and after photos are taken of patients who have undergone a hair restoration procedure. Before photos are taken of the patient’s hairline and scalp before the surgery, showing the extent of hair loss and any areas where hair has become thin or bald. After photos are taken several months after the procedure to show the changes in the hairline and the patient’s hair density. It is important to note that each patient’s results are unique. Our hair transplant before and after photos are only one factor to consider when researching your hair restoration options. The following photos show the change in the patient’s hairline, density, and overall appearance after the surgery.

Male FUE Hair Transplant2023-05-11T17:04:13-04:00
Male FUE Hair Transplant2023-03-02T15:27:28-05:00
Male FUT Hair Transplant2023-02-24T18:19:59-05:00
Male FUT Hair Transplant2023-02-24T18:19:53-05:00
Male FUE Hair Transplant2023-02-24T18:19:39-05:00
Male FUT Hair Transplant2023-02-24T18:19:14-05:00
Male FUE Hair Transplant2023-02-24T18:19:07-05:00
Male FUE Hair Transplant2023-07-27T09:40:17-04:00
Male FUT Hair Transplant2023-02-24T16:50:14-05:00
Male Alopecia FUE Hair Transplant2023-02-24T16:43:29-05:00
Male Strip FUT Hair Transplant2023-01-05T19:23:34-05:00
Male FUE Hair Transplant2023-01-16T19:49:14-05:00
Female Strip FUT Hair Transplant2023-01-16T19:48:35-05:00